Payroll Alternatives

A premium collection option for every situation

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While voluntary payroll deduction continues to be one of the most convenient methods for employees to pay their portion for contributory benefits, it is not always an option.  Sometimes, the employer’s payroll system cannot support another payroll slot for the new benefit.  When benefits are offered though an association or membership group the access to payroll may be limited to one slot.

 Fortunately, Paylogix provides several additional billing options, allowing you to expand benefit offerings regardless of the payroll situation. Any of these payroll alternatives allow brokers to:

  • Integrate billing collection forms with your third party enrollment system through our Paylogix Merchant Gateway.
  • Ensure participants update their billing information with automatically generated emails and update forms.
  • Access statements, reports, and online administration through our Paylogix client portal.
  • Overcome employer and HR objections to expand benefit offerings.
  • Increase voluntary benefit take up rate with an easy payment option.
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