Consolidated Billing®

Paylogix Consolidated Billing® service allows multiple products from multiple carriers to be billed and paid in one online bill. All at no cost to the broker or the employer.*

The one bill to rule them all.

The one bill to rule them all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avoid excess fees?

If you would like to avoid the additional charges, you might look for a suitable alternative product from a carrier that participates in the Paylogix Co-op. There are now over 125 products available through these carriers and more are added each year. A up to date list can be found on our website, or by contacting your Broker Relationship Manager. Some brokers choose to pass the fees along to their client. If you choose to do this, please know that you remain responsible for paying Paylogix fees, regardless of any arrangement you make with your client.

How do I adjust a bill?

1.   Click on the statements tab on the navigation bar or on your dashboard.

2.   Click edit next to the statement you'd like to edit and finalize.

3.   Click on the participant's name to show individualized information and add any adjustments. Click edit to submit any adjustments.

4.   Include the reason for adjustment with the appropriate reason code: Cancelled, No Payment, Payment Short, Extra Payment, Leave, Terminated, Other.

5.   Click submit to process changes.

Where do I find billing information?

Billing information for open, unpaid and closed bills is found under the statements tab.

How do I look up an individual participant?

1.   Under the data tab click on ”participants.”

2.   You can search by name or browse alphabetically.

3.   Select an individual participant to view their specific information.

What do I if I get an error report?

An automated e-mail will notify user if errors were encountered during processing.

If an error report is generated:

-          File was uploaded successfully  

BUT there were one or few records in the file that were not updated/created.

The report will list all errored out records.

**Records that do not appear on list were processed successfully**

Error file will be sent through FTP and can be found on the client’s associated FTP folder.

How do I finalize a bill?

After you are done making adjustments to your statement, Click finalize to pay your bill. You can pay through our fast and secure portal by EFT. Payments will be applied quickly and efficiently.

What payment methods are available?

We support the following payment methods to make it easy for your clients to pay their premiums:

• Payroll deduction

• ACH Bank Draft

• Back-up Funding

• Direct Deposit

When should I consider Single Slot Administration?

How do I upload a custom import?

1.   Log on to the client portal.

2.   Go to the “File Utilities” tab.

3.   Then the “Custom Imports” drop-down.

4.   Select file to upload, Excel or fixed-width text file.

5.   If file contains header or footer, check off the relevant box(es).

6.   Click upload button.

7.   If the file is incorrect, the system will display any errors. These must be corrected before uploading again (refer to Format Error section).

8.   When the file is correctly uploaded, an e-mail confirmation is automatically sent to the user.

How can I export group information?

1.   Go to the “File Utilities” tab.

2.   Click on “Export Data.”

3.   Choose the file format for the export. Options are comma delimited, fixed width, and tab delimited.

4.   Select the fields to include in the export.

5.   Create a file name and click the submit button.

How do I export a list of participants for a specific product?

1.   Go to the “data” tab and click on “products.”

2.   Select the product that you would like for a report of participants and click on the subscriptions button.

3.   The next screen will display all the participants for this product.

4.   In the upper right corner there is a document export button. Click on it and save the list to your computer.

How do I fix a format error?

The system will do up-front check to validate:

-          Requiredfields are populated in the file

-          Fields arepopulated with valid values

-          Fields arepopulated with valid formatting

If errors are indicating line 1 having many errors, please go back to step 3 and ensure that the header/footer boxes are correct compared to the file being uploaded.

Users can refer to the File Layouts to view requirements for successful file upload.

What if my client wants to use a carrier that is not part of the Paylogix Co-op Funding Program?

We will contact the carrier on your behalf to request that they join the Paylogix Coop. If they agree to join Co-op, the carrier will cover the fees for their products to beincluded in your client’s Consolidated Billing® service. If the carrier is not interested in participating, we can still function as the TPA and they can still be included in yourclient’s Consolidated Billing® Service. However, the broker will be responsible forcovering the fees.