Secure File Exchange

We take your data security seriously.

We take your data security seriously.

It is the policy of Paylogix® to use industry standard best practices whenever possible to maintain data center operations securely and reliably.​Serving as an easy and effective method by which to transfer files over a network, FTP has become a standard that is both accepted and widely accessible to users across almost every network and operating system in use today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I if I get an error report?

An automated e-mail will notify user if errors were encountered during processing.

If an error report is generated:

-          File was uploaded successfully  

BUT there were one or few records in the file that were not updated/created.

The report will list all errored out records.

**Records that do not appear on list were processed successfully**

Error file will be sent through FTP and can be found on the client’s associated FTP folder.

How do I upload a custom import?

1.   Log on to the client portal.

2.   Go to the “File Utilities” tab.

3.   Then the “Custom Imports” drop-down.

4.   Select file to upload, Excel or fixed-width text file.

5.   If file contains header or footer, check off the relevant box(es).

6.   Click upload button.

7.   If the file is incorrect, the system will display any errors. These must be corrected before uploading again (refer to Format Error section).

8.   When the file is correctly uploaded, an e-mail confirmation is automatically sent to the user.

Where can I see the file transfer history?

Under the “File Utilities” tab, click on file exchange.

How do I fix a format error?

The system will do up-front check to validate:

-          Requiredfields are populated in the file

-          Fields arepopulated with valid values

-          Fields arepopulated with valid formatting

If errors are indicating line 1 having many errors, please go back to step 3 and ensure that the header/footer boxes are correct compared to the file being uploaded.

Users can refer to the File Layouts to view requirements for successful file upload.