Single Point Billing®

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods are available?

We support the following payment methods to make it easy for your clients to pay their premiums:

• Payroll deduction

• ACH Bank Draft

• Back-up Funding

• Direct Deposit

Who is Paylogix?

Paylogix is a licenced and bonded third party administrator. We move money and data related to employee benefits.

How do I adjust a bill?

1.   Click on the statements tab on the navigationbar or on your dashboard.

2.   Click edit next to the statement you'd like toedit and finalize.

3.   Click on the participant's name to show individualizedinformation and add any adjustments. Click edit to submit any adjustments.

4.   Include the reason for adjustment with theappropriate reason code: Cancelled, No Payment, Payment Short, Extra Payment,Leave, Terminated, Other.

5.   Click submit to process changes.

Where do I find billing information?

Billing information for open, unpaid and closed bills isfound under the statements tab.