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Paylogix Pays It Forward


Paylogix®, paid it forward by supporting two non-profit organizations by facilitating a business attire donation drive at the Miami Benefits Pro Conference.

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What is Required to Be A Leader in Business

Learn from successful men and women, and you will notice they have characteristics in common that will make them a leader.

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Rob Shestack Joins Paylogix

PR Newswire

Paylogix, the architect of Consolidated Billing®, Exchange Builder® and a market leader in managing, safeguarding and administering health and welfare benefits programs, announced today that veteran insurance professional Rob Shestack has joined the organization.

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Why Your Brokerage Needs an Email Newsletter... Even if You're on Social Media

 This is a great strategy. It’s far easier to sell to people who know, like, and trust you than it is to sell to strangers. But, how do you choose which channel(s) to use to build those relationships when there are so many options?

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How to Ace Your Next Presentation

Whether or not you like public speaking, sooner or later most of us have to get up in front of a group and give a presentation. And that can be nerve-wracking, whether it’s a crowd of thousands or just a few coworkers. These tips can help keep those public speaking jitters away and ensure that your next presentation has everyone hanging on your every word.

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What to Know About Corporate Compliance and Ethics Programs

The business environment in U.S is regulated, making it necessary for every business to have an effective compliance and ethics program. This is essentially a set of protocols that a business enforces in order to deter unlawful conduct and foster a culture of compliance. 

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