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“Enrollment Wunderkind” William Schneider Ready to Impress At Paylogix

(Westbury, NY) Paylogix®, a leader in employee benefits administration technology and services, announced that William Schneider (Portland, Maine) has joined their team as Enrollment Practice Leader.

“Enrollment Wunderkind” William Schneider Ready to Impress At Paylogix

Schneider’s broad enrollment knowledge will build on Paylogix’ technical expertise. He has successfully worked with a wide range of group sizes, from 50 to 200,000 lives, supporting complex eligibility and enrollment needs. With an extensive background in enrollment data exchange, enrollment software, and case implementation, Schneider has the technical understanding of a veteran HR professional; but he also brings a fresh insight indicative of a new generation of millennial business leaders. 


In his new role as Enrollment Practice Leader, Schneider will work with several stakeholders to select the right enrollment solution, or if necessary, develop a customized approach. Schneider is proud to represent a pioneer in online enrollment technology stating, “Knowing that I am working with the people who provided the first online enrollment back in 1999, and knowing the plans that we have going forward, this is a really exciting time to be a part of Paylogix.” Over the last 20 years, SaaS platforms like Pro-Enroll® and Exchange Builder®, have saved time, money, and administrative hassle. Helping to coordinate enrollment solutions for brokers, carriers, and employers, Schneider will be key to expanding this market. 


“William brings a valuable perspective and enrollmenttech insight to our team,” stated Paul Ziats, Business Development Leader at Paylogix. “His broad knowledge, immaculate track record for expanding the reach of enrollment technology, and bringing other companies together make him a perfect fit for the Paylogix team.”  


Paylogix is a licensed and bonded Third Party Insurance Administrator in the business of moving money and data related to health & welfare benefits. Paylogix offers BPO and SaaS solutions to facilitate benefit communication, enrollment and plan administration featuring a real-time medium for payment processing and secure data management from promotion-to-payment. More information about Paylogix® can be found at, or by calling 800-622-4131. 

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“Enrollment Wunderkind” William Schneider Ready to Impress At Paylogix

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