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Recap of the LIMRA Enrollment Technology Strategy Seminar

Our team recently attended the LIMRA Enrollment Technology Strategy Seminar in San Antonio, offering a great opportunity to engage with industry experts and discuss the evolving landscape of benefits enrollment. These conversations not only strengthened existing relationships but also paved the way for establishing new connections. We gained valuable insights into enrollment priorities and pain points, reaffirming our belief in the transformative impact of Paylogix technology solutions.

Billing complexities and payment logistics continue to pose challenges for employers managing multiple benefit plans, providers, and payment systems. Our Consolidated Billing® and Common Remitter® Services solutions offer a streamlined approach, where multiple products from multiple benefit providers are invoiced and paid in one online bill. These challenges are not only addressed but solved with these consumer-centric billing and payment solutions.

The compatibility of solutions between different vendors was another topic of interest. Particularly, in their integration with other enrollment platforms. As we explored ways to bridge the gap between systems, it became clear that the potential exists for collaborative solutions across multiple providers. Paylogix has technology solutions that can seamlessly compliment other platforms available today.

Engaging with several IT contacts from benefit providers, it became evident that the importance of automation and digital integration and the ability to tailor solutions to fit specific organizational needs and more efficient processes are critical. The Paylogix team shared information about our Build Your Own Organization solution and its ability to meet these specialized needs. The features of this solution clearly resonated with them.

The meaningful conversations and connections made at the Seminar reinforced our mission as a technology innovator – to build solutions that are automated, fast, and secure, with the end-user experience in mind. Paylogix is a pioneer in the voluntary benefits industry, equipped with the solutions necessary to navigate benefits enrollment, billing, and payment.

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