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The Core Value of Leadership

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Mike DeLorenzo is interviewed by Alicia Munian in Marketing as they dicuss the importance of Leadership in the workforce.

“As the President of a growing company, it is difficult to always oversee all employees. That’s why it is vital to have leadership on the team that knows how to guide others and maintain company policies. At Paylogix, we exemplify collaborative leadership to  empower all employees.” 

–Richard Pfadenhauer, President & Founder

Leadership may be important in any business, but at Paylogix our collaborative leadership is based on the principal that all employees are leaders in their own way. When you operate as part of a team, leaders aren’t only the “bosses.” There are leaders in every department of the workplace at every level.

Being aware of your own strengths and talents can make or break a good leader. Self-awareness helps leaders identify their strengths which they use to help spearhead and unify their team. Where they lack, they allow other members of the team to help them. Leadership is not only about telling other people what to do, but finding a point of collaboration where they are able to push and pull with other’s strengths and weaknesses.  

Alicia from the Marketing Department sat down with Mike DeLorenzo, Director of Technology and Innovation to discuss his leadership with Paylogix as he celebrates his twelve-year work anniversary.  

Alicia: Mike, I hear that you didn’t start off working in the position that you’re currently in. Progression is a huge part of leadership, as it helps to understand the way that things work on every level. Tell us about your pathway to your current leadership position.

I started with Paylogix as an intern, then transitioned to an Account Specialist after I graduated from college.  

I was very fortunate to have a strong team and internal support system of mentors.  When I started working at Paylogix, Richard, the founder of Paylogix, told me to “click on everything and learn the system. You are not going to break it”.  I did just that.  I would explore the system daily.  I learned its features and asked questions along the way.  Janice Green, a senior member at Paylogix, is the reason for my initial understanding of the system and to this day is my go-to if I have a complicated billing question.  Richard has and always remains approachable and willing to share his knowledge of the system and our industry.  

My understanding of the system and how data is exchanged internally and externally helped me transition to a Business Analyst in 2008.  In this role I further expanded my knowledge of the Paylogix system and started making connections with our external broker and provider partners.  

My current role of Director of Technology and Innovation presented itself as a combination of natural career progression and necessity (internal and for the organization).  It is important to think about what is next and what can be done to get there.  

Alicia: On a daily basis, we interact with people on different levels both internally and externally. How do you set an example for others in the office?

I set a good example through my work ethic and daily interactions with my coworkers and external partners.  I try to remember that every email, conversation or conference call reflects Paylogix and myself.  

Alicia: What qualities should a good leader embody?

Good leaders should embody integrity, commitment, passion, strong communication and patience. With integrity, I assure that I always represent Paylogix to the best of my ability with transparency. I am always committed to our mission and have a strong passion for providing the best service that I can to our partners. Communication amongst people both internally and externally helps to set expectations and assures that we are on the same page with what we are implementing. The patience comes from raising a 2-year-old baby girl!  Anyone can access these qualities if they truly care about the work that they’re doing.  

Alicia: Regardless of how hard you try to make things perfect, little roadblocks or bumps are bound to come up. What should a good leader do when they encounter an issue in the workplace?

Issues are unavoidable and problem solving is a must have quality of a leader.  I believe it is how you respond to and handle an issue is just as important as solving the issue.  

We follow similar steps when presented with an issue:  


  • What the issues is
  • The impacted parties and or systems
  • Communicate with the impacted parties
  • Short term fix
  • Long term fix
  • What we can do to prevent or reduce the risk of the issue happening again

It is how you respond to and solve an issue that is more significant than why the issue occurred in the first place.  Of course, we must always strive to mitigate the occurrence of future issues, but initial action taken and clear consistent communication to impacted parties helps highlight how important a resolution is.  

Alicia: Paylogix maintains the company values of Innovation, Efficiency, Advocacy, and Leadership. How do you use our company values to guide others?


  • This one is in my current job title.  Part of my day to day here at Paylogix is to think about what is next.  How can we better use technology to solve a problem, what new technology is available that we are not fully taking advantage of?  What can we do to set us apart from the pack and continue to be ahead of the curve in our industry?  We are constantly enhancing our services and always working towards improving ourselves. The next innovative idea stems from communicating with our partners and seeing how we can continue to improve.  


  • Efficiency is key to our success at Paylogix both personally and as a company.  We are a nimble shop here at Paylogix.  Everything we do must be designed to maximize efficiency.  Efficiency is gained through communication, learning and sharing with our team.  If I come across something that my assist or improve an existing process, I think it is important to share that with my peers.  


  • By personally taking part in company sponsored events like the breast cancer walk or internal fundraising efforts shows how important giving back is to Paylogix. We are also consistently  advocating for our customers by assuring a strong line of communication and working our hardest to provide them with the best services.  


  • I lead by example while exuding key leadership qualities.  

Regardless of where you start, anyone has the ability to become a leader. By taking ownership of your roles and setting an example for others, you put yourself on the pathway to become a good leader.  

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