Consolidated Billing®

The one bill to rule them all

Paylogix Consolidated Billing® service allows multiple products from multiple carriers to be billed and paid in one online bill.

All at no cost to the broker or the employer.*

*Co-Op Funding partners are carriers who have agreed to pay Paylogix fees so that we may offer our service for free to brokers. Final approval is required by the carrier.

See how much your clients could save

Complex benefit plans need accuracy & efficiency. Learn how Paylogix makes it possible with Proactive Reconciliation.

A huge difference for small business

"I finally have all the tools at my fingertips to help my small business owners provide competitive benefit packages!"
Michael C.
Portland, OR

Great support

"It is really nice to get to talk to an actual human being when I need to. I appreciate the help I get when I reach out to you."
Sasheer Z.
Cupertino, CA

Excellent Problem Solvers

"I brought Paylogix in on a complicated billing case for some franchises that I wanted as clients. Their last broker really screwed up the billing. When I brought in Paylogix, I got it fixed and I earned their business."
Jason S.
New York, NY

Happy client for over 10 years now

"We first started using your Consolidated Billing® service in 2007. It is a miracle for complicated cases. We now use it for any employer with more than one product. This saves us hours of admin time every month! Thanks!"
Will F.
Peoria, IL

Return on Investment

"We were able to leverage existing relationships to roll out a new supplemental line because of Common Remitter®. The ROI was excellent."
Kate M.
Buffalo Grove, IL

Thanks for saving us time this year

"Pro-Enroll® was so easy to use. We saved a lot of time this year and the employees finally understand their benefits."
Christina F.
Providence, RI

Business owner and Paylogix client

"My broker first turned me on to Paylogix a couple years ago. We have been very happy with the services. I don't know if we could have handled adding another insurance company without your help."
Chris F.
San Diego, CA

Employee Benefits Broker

"Without Consolidated Billing® the ongoing admin of multiple products with multiple carriers would take up so much time, it would essentially become unprofitable. As a broker, the ability to provide this to my clients is vital to getting them to agree to adding more voluntary products."
Andrew S.
Charlotte, NC